Running an HPCC Systems cluster inside an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud (EC2) allows you to instantiate and run HPCC Systems clusters of different sizes on the fly.

This is useful for:
• Proof-of-concept
• Experimentation
• Learning
• Leveraging the HPCC Systems platform without incurring cost of hardware and administration
• Create and use an HPCC Systems cluster immediately without purchasing and installing new hardware

You can create a small cluster for small tasks or larger clusters for larger jobs. This flexibility allows you to match cost and processing power to the job at hand.

Temporary EC2 nodes allow you to “rent” computing capacity without long term commitments. In this manner, you pay as you go instead of incurring large fixed costs at the start. Keep in mind that you should terminate any unneeded instances to avoid paying for computing time you don’t need.

AWS HPCC Systems Cluster Easy Deploy

In a few steps you can have a HPCC Systems cluster up and running in AWS

HPCC Systems® Instant Cloud for AWS
Provide minimal information and press a button to instantiate your cluster. Click here to begin. The manual below provides additional details.

We are working with Amazon on a process to run an HPCC Systems cluster in an environment similar to Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR). In addition, HPCC Systems is working on its own Enterprise Cloud offering, but it is not yet ready to be announced.

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